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Program Six
Futurism, Popular Culture, and Technology

[Program SixFuturism, Popular Culture, and Technology] Instruments built by Luigi Russolo
Instruments built by Luigi Russolo
8 PM Performance with commentary by Anna Harwell Celenza; with The Orchestra Now, conducted by James Bagwell; Allegra Chapman '10, piano; Blair McMillen, piano; Kelly Newberry, '16, mezzo-soprano; Shuang Yang '17 and Bihan Li '18, violin; Marka Gustavsson, viola; Robert Martin, cello; Dominick Farinacci and Friends

Giacomo Puccini (1858–1924), Scossa elettrica—marcetta brillante (1899); Filippo Tomasso Marinetti (1876–1944); Zang Tumb Tumb: Adrianopoli, Ottobre 1912 (1914); Francesco Balilla Pratella (1880–1955), from La guerra (1913); Alfredo Casella (1883–1947), from Cinque Pezzi (1920); Aldo Giuntini (1896–1969), The India Rubber Man, foxtrot (1930); Luigi Russolo (1885–1947), From The Art of Noises (1913) and Risveglio di una città​ (1913–14); Giuseppe Blanc (1886–1969) (Oxilia)Il commiato (1909); Franco Casavola (1891–1955), From Hop Frog, ballet (1925); Silvio Mix (1900–27), Profilo sintetico musicale di F.T. Marinetti (1923); Zez Confrey (1895–1971), Dumbell (1922); Nick LaRocca (1889–1961), Original Dixieland Jazz Band, Livery Stable Blues (1917); Dino Olivieri (1905–1963), Tornerai (1933). The program features a rare screening of Nino Oxilia's silent film Rapsodia satanica (1917), accompanied by The Orchestra Now performing Pietro Mascagni's score, and George Méliès's silent film, le cake-walk infernal, (1903), accompanied by Blair McMillen, piano.
The festival's second weekend opens with a concert featuring The Orchestra Now, among others. Glorifying modernity in an attempt to liberate Italy from the weight of her past, the Italian Futurist movement saw the rise of composers including Francesco Pratella, Franco Casavola, and Luigi Russolo. Their music spanned a wide stylistic range, Pratella's betraying little sign of the radical views he espoused in print, while Russolo's – and the custom devices on which he performed it – introduced a truly original new aesthetic that brought everyday noises into the concert hall. The program will also include Puccini's Scossa elettrica, written for a celebration of scientist Alessandro Volta; his favorite jazz tune, Dumbell, by Zez Confrey; and selected popular songs of the day. To conclude the concert, Bard presents a rare screening of the silent film Rapsodia Satanica, a female spin on the Faust legend from Nino Oxilia, accompanied by a live performance of its original score, which marks the only film music by Pratella’s teacher, Mascagni.
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Fri. August 12, 8 pm


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