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Bard Music Festival

History of the Bard Music Festival

Leon Botstein, Christopher H. Gibbs, and Robert Martin, Artistic Directors

The Bard Music Festival was founded in 1990 to promote new ways of understanding and presenting the history of music to a contemporary audience. Each year, a single composer is chosen as the main subject. The biography of the composer, the influences and consequences of that composer's achievement, and all aspects of the musical culture surrounding the time and place of the composer's life are explored. Perhaps the most important dimensions of the festival are the ways in which it links music to the worlds of literature, painting, theater, philosophy, and politics and brings two kinds of audience together: those with a long history of interest in concert life and first-time listeners, who find the festival an ideal place to learn about and enjoy the riches of our musical past.

Books Series

Program Archive

Giacomo Puccini and His World
Carlos Chávez and His World

Franz Schubert and His World

Stravinsky and His World

Camille Saint-Saëns and His World

Jean Sibelius and His World