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Securing the

Bard Music Festival Mellon Challenge

The Festival is pleased and honored to have received a $2 million grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the nation's most highly regarded private foundation in the arts and humanities. The Mellon grant recognizes the unique programming of the Festival, its unusual concert formats, and its success in linking scholarship in the humanities with the highest standard of concert performance. Half of the grant is restricted to help cover operating costs over five years; the other half to building an endowment for the Bard Music Festival. In order to earn the endowment portion of the grant, the Festival was asked to raise $2 for every dollar The Mellon Foundation pledged for the endowment. With your support, the Festival was able to meet the terms of ths generous grant.  Thank you to all of the donors to the Bard Music Festival Mellon Challenge!  Your support helps to secure the future of this unique festival.

Thank You for Endowing the Future of the Bard Music Festival

With just a few months to go to meet a matching grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, we are pleased to announce the Challenge has been met!
  • $2,000,000 goal
  • $2,000,000 raised!
Gifts of $1,000 or more to the Bard Music Festival Mellon Challenge will be recognized on a plaque in the Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts. Seat naming opportunities begin with a gift of $2,500. Additional naming opportunities are available.

This season is made possible in part through the generous support of the Boards of the Bard
Music Festival, Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts, and Friends of the Fisher Center.

Bard Music Festival Mellon Challenge Donors

Helen and Roger Alcaly
Joshua J. Aronson
Kathleen Augustine
John J. Austrian '91 and Laura M. Austrian
Mary I. Backlund and Virginia Corsi
Nancy Banks and Stephen Penman
Matthew Beatrice
Howard and Mary Bell
Bessemer National Gift Fund
Marvin Bielawski
Dr. Leon Botstein and Barbara Haskell
David J. Brown
Prof. Mary Caponegro '78
Anna H. Celenza
Fu-Chen Chan
Lydia Chapin and David Soeiro
Robert Clark and Isobel Contento
Michelle R. Clayman
Prof. Matthew Deady
Nancy Deland
Joseph DeLeo
Estate of John A. Dierdorff
Rt. Rev. Herbert A. and Mary Donovan
Amy K. and David Dubin
Arthur L. Fenaroli
Jeanne Donovan Fisher
Thomas F. Froese
Michael H. Garrety
GE Foundation
Carlos Gonzalez and Katherine Stewart
Arthur B. Groos, Jr.
David and Nancy Hathaway

Eliot D. and Paula K. Hawkins
Dorothy and Leo Hellerman
Elena and Fred Howard
Daniel R. Idzik and Kathleen M. Osborne
Anne E. Impellizzeri
Jane W. Nuhn Charitable Foundation
Dr. Harriette Kaley '06
Rachel and Dr. Shalom Kalnicki
Susan and Roger Kennedy
Dr. Barbara Kenner
Erica Kiesewetter
Robert James Kurilla
Edna and Gary Lachmund
Alison L. and John C. Lankenau
Glenda A. Fowler Law and Alfred J. Law
Dr. Nancy Leonard and Dr. Lawrence Kramer
Dr. Leon M. and Fern Lerner
Mrs. Mortimer Levitt
Catherine and Jacques Luiggi
John P. Mackenzie
Amy and Thomas O. Maggs
Daniel Maki
Charles Marlow
Katherine Gould-Martin and Robert L. Martin
MetLife Foundation
Kieley Michasiow-Levy
Andrea and Kenneth L. Miron
Matthew M. Guerreiro and Christina Mohr
Karl Moschner
C. Robert Friedman and Vernon Mosheim
Elizabeth R. and Gary J. Munch
Martin L. and Lucy Miller Murray

Phillip Niles
Michael Nishball
Terrence J. O'Malley
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Ottaway Jr.
Mona and Fred Payton
Debra R. Pemstein and Dean Vallas
Steven Perog
Margrit and Albrecht Pichler
Marvin and Ingrid Reed
Drs. M. Susan and Irwin Richman
Sarah Rothenberg and Robert Azencott
David E. Schwab II '52
and Ruth Schwartz Schwab '52
David L. Shengold
Ellen K. Silbergeld
Denise S. Simon and Paulo Vieiradacunha
Norman J. and Charlotte T. Sissman
Raissa St. Pierre '87
Cruce Stark
Dr. Sanford B. Sternlieb
Allan and Ronnie Streichler
Felicitas S. Thorne
Dr. Elisabeth F. Turnauer-Derow
Takemi Ueno, Esq.
Olivia van Melle Kamp
Margo and Anthony Viscusi
Dr. Siri von Reis
Rosemary and Noel Werrett
Hannelore Wilfert
Maureen A. Whiteman and Lawrence J. Zlatkin
Irene Zedlacher
Bill Zifchak and Maggie Evans