[The Master and Margarita] 'Behemoth' @ The Affair www.theaffair.com
'Behemoth' @ The Affair www.theaffair.com

Bard SummerScape Presents

The Master and Margarita

World Premiere Adaptation

Tickets: $45
Limited seating available. Please call the Box Office for more information. 845-758-7900.

Adapted by János Szász and Gideon Lester
after the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov
Directed by János Szász 
Based on a translation by Andrea Tompa
Produced by Bob Bursey

Doug Elkins, movement
Maruti Evans, set and lighting designer
Oana Botez, costume designer
Ien Denio, sound designer
Jon Carter, hair designer
Judy Bowman, casting director
Taylor Adamik, stage manager

One hot spring evening, a foreign professor appears in Moscow, with a retinue that includes a beautiful naked witch and a giant talking cat with a taste for vodka. This elegant stranger is none other than the Devil, come to wreak havoc on the city, and to demonstrate to a godless world the truth of good and evil.

What follows is a story of unceasing verve and imagination, a joyous and sometimes terrifying journey that transports us from the alleyways and garrets of Moscow to the stage of a theater, from the deserts of biblical Judea to the glittering splendor of the Devil’s ballroom. And at the still center of this supernatural frenzy stands a pair of lovers: the Master, a writer, and Margarita, who must journey to hell to save him.

A contemporary of Stravinsky, Mikhail Bulgakov wrote The Master and Margarita in the 1930s, but its satirical vision of the Soviet Union under Stalin was so acute that the novel was suppressed until 1967. The internationally renowned Hungarian film and theater director János Szász will apply his opulent theatrical vision to this new stage adaptation of Bulgakov’s beloved novel, now justly regarded as one of the great masterpieces of the 20th century. Suitable for audiences 15 and older (contains nudity).

This performance has been underwritten by the Martin and Toni Sosnoff Foundation and has also received support from the Trust for Mutual Understanding.

Running time for the concert is approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes, with one intermission.