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July 2015

November 2014

  • 11-23-2014 Visual Arts Come to the Theater as Genres Blend and Bend appeared in The New York Times

October 2014

  • 10-22-2014 The Bard Music Festival at 25: Franz Schubert and his World appeared in New York Arts

July 2014

June 2014

  • 06-02-2014 Classical Music Summer Preview: Euryanthe appeared in The New Yorker
  • 06-01-2014 Trisha Brown Dance Company: Choreographic Iconoclast appeared in Chronogram

August 2013

  • 08-19-2013 Stravinsky’s Many Rites of Passage Are Distilled appeared in The New York Times
  • 08-16-2013 A Summer Sojourn with the Greats appeared in The American Spectator
  • 08-13-2013 A Wild Ride Through Stravinsky’s Early Years appeared in The New York Times
  • 08-08-2013 Oresteia, Richard B. Fisher Center, Bard College, New York – review appeared in The Financial Times
  • 08-07-2013 The Fountain of 'Spring'  appeared in The Wall Street Journal

July 2013

  • 07-31-2013 Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company and SITI Company appeared in Dance Magazine
  • 07-31-2013 Russian in Nature, Greek at Its Roots appeared in The Wall Street Journal
  • 07-30-2013 It’s not easy being Greek appeared in Parterre Box
  • 07-30-2013 War May Be Over, but One House Fills Up With Blood appeared in The New York Times
  • 07-29-2013 Mad Queen Butchers Innocent Ram, Horrible Husband: Music appeared in Blooomberg
  • 07-19-2013 An Opera Known for Obscurity, Plucked From the Shadows appeared in New York Times
  • 07-19-2013 Sergey Ivanovich Taneyev’s Oresteia comes to Bard…then on to the Mariinsky! appeared in New York Arts
  • 07-18-2013 Review: The Master and Margarita at the Fisher Center appeared in Time Out New York
  • 07-11-2013 When the Devil Came to Town appeared in The Wall Street Journal
  • 07-10-2013 A New Stravinsky Rite; Forget the Virgin appeared in DanceBeat
  • 07-10-2013 A New Stravinsky Rite; Forget the Virgin appeared in Arts Journal

September 2012

  • 09-18-2012 Saint-Saëns: Apollo Among the Dionysians appeared in New York Arts

August 2012

  • 08-29-2012 Saint-Saëns’ Other Grand Opera, Henry VIII at Bard appeared in New York Arts
  • 08-21-2012 Leon Botstein Mounts Saint Saens' Henry VIII appeared in Berkshire Fine Arts
  • 08-21-2012 Saint-Saëns’s English King Gets His Due; Leon Botstein Conducts ‘Henry VIII’ at Bard Festival appeared in The New York Times
  • 08-14-2012 Celebrating a Once-Mighty Tree, Pruned but Hardly Forgotten appeared in The New York Times
  • 08-08-2012 A Rich and Fertile Legacy Too Long Misunderstood appeared in The Wall Street Journal
  • 08-06-2012 A Plot Not Meant to Be Taken Too Seriously appeared in the Wall Street Journal

July 2012

  • 07-30-2012 A Reluctant King Plots His Own Exit appeared in The New York Times
  • 07-30-2012 Bard Summerscape Rediscovers Chabrier's Le roi malgré lui appeared in Operavore
  • 07-29-2012 Bard Summerscape Mounts Chabrier's King appeared in Berkshire Fine Arts
  • 07-28-2012 Chabrier’s comic opera sparkles winningly at Bard Music Festival appeared in The Classical Review
  • 07-20-2012 A Composer With a Gift For Surprise appeared in The New York Times
  • 07-20-2012 Dinklage, of 'Thrones,' Masters Moliere's Comedy: Review appeared in Bloomberg Businessweek
  • 07-19-2012 Opera News Profiles Thaddeus Strassberger
  • 07-17-2012 Review: Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage mugs it up in The Imaginary Invalid appeared in Time Out New York
  • 07-17-2012 The Imaginary Invalid, Fisher Center, Annandale-on-Hudson, New York appeared in The Financial Times
  • 07-16-2012 Critic's Notebook: Kingdom Come appeared in The New Yorker
  • 07-16-2012 Maid to order Molière appeared in The New York Post
  • 07-15-2012 Review: The Imaginary Invalid appeared in Theatermania
  • 07-12-2012 Dance Review: Compagnie Fetes galantes brings joy to Bard appeared in The Millbrook Independent
  • 07-09-2012 Compagnie Fêtes galantes, Bard Summerscape, Hudson Valley, New York appeared in FINANCIAL TIMESF

May 2012

October 2011

  • 10-13-2011 Junkyard Jive appeared in Ulster Publishing's Alm@nac

August 2011

  • 08-11-2011 Nordic Exposure at Bard appeared in The Wall Street Journal
  • 08-02-2011 Bard Resurrects an Often-Ignored Strauss Opera appeared in
  • 08-02-2011 Even as Financial Fears Mount, Real Love Outweighs Gold appeared in The New York Times

July 2011

  • 07-31-2011 Die Liebe der Danae, Bard Summerscape appeared in Opera Today
  • 07-31-2011 Obscure Strauss Opera Sparkles at Bard appeared in The Associated Press
  • 07-27-2011 From Arias to Architecture appeared in The New York Observer
  • 07-24-2011 Strauss Joins Sibelius’s Vacation appeared in The New York Times
  • 07-19-2011 Five Questions for Director Kevin Newbury
  • 07-18-2011 The Wild Duck appeared in Theatermania
  • 07-12-2011 Five Questions for Caitriona McLaughlin, Director of Ibsen's The Wild Duck for SummerScape 2011
  • 07-07-2011 Tero Saarinen brings dances to Bard appeared in Albany Times Union

June 2011

  • 06-07-2011 A Chat With Soprano Meagan Miller appeared in Playbill Arts

August 2010

  • 08-16-2010 A Tribute to Alban Berg and His Viennese Influences appeared in The New York Times
  • 08-13-2010 A weekend full of exciting and stunning performances appeared in Hudson Register-Star
  • 08-11-2010 Where Other Summer Festivals Fear to Tread appeared in The Wall Street Journal
  • 08-09-2010 A new life for another recovered voice: Franz Schreker's 'Der Ferne Klang' appeared in Los Angeles Times
  • 08-06-2010 Oscar Straus' Operetta "The Chocolate Soldier" appeared in The Millbrook Independent
  • 08-03-2010 Ringing Down From the Catskills appeared in The Wall Street Journal
  • 08-02-2010 A Footnote Gets His Spotlight at Last appeared in The New York Times

July 2010

  • 07-31-2010 Schreker's opera 'Distant Sound heard at Bard appeared in Associated Press
  • 07-30-2010 Bard College Revives a Composer's World appeared in The New York Times
  • 07-23-2010 After a Century, A Composer's Day in the Sun appeared in The New York Times
  • 07-21-2010 And with the measure you use appeared in Hudson Valley News
  • 07-21-2010 Review: “Judgment Day” at Summerscape appeared in Rural Intelligence
  • 07-20-2010 Von Horath's Devastating Train Wreck; Numbers Game: John Simon appeared in Bloomberg
  • 07-19-2010 Crashing into Morality appeared in New York Post
  • 07-12-2010 Dance Review: Light Steps appeared in The Star Ledger
  • 07-01-2010 Bard kicks off SummerScape with dance appeared in Poughkeepsie Journal

May 2010

August 2009

  • 08-25-2009 Exploring the Pros and Cons of Wagner at Bard College appeared in The Los Angeles Times
  • 08-24-2009 Intolerance appeared in The New Yorker
  • 08-17-2009 An Anniversary Offers a Chance to Take a Risk appeared in The New York Times
  • 08-10-2009 Meyerbeer’s Les Huguenots: French Grand Opera Comes to Bard appeared in The Berkshire Review
  • 08-06-2009 A Triumphant Massacre appeared in The Wall Street Journal
  • 08-05-2009 "Les Huguenots", rareté célébrée aux Etats-Unis appeared in Le Monde
  • 08-05-2009 Blood, ectasy and pure theatre appeared in Financial Times
  • 08-04-2009 Rediscovering an Opera of Love and Slaughter appeared in The New York Times
  • 08-04-2009 Undeniable Influence appeared in The Wall Street Journal
  • 08-03-2009 Aeschylus’ Oresteia at Bard appeared in The Berkshire Review

July 2009

  • 07-26-2009 Wagner’s Anxiety of Influence appeared in The New York Times
  • 07-20-2009 The Oresteia appeared in Theatermania
  • 07-16-2009 Lucinda Childs, Philip Glass, and Sol LeWitt 'Dance' at Bard SummerScape appeared in Village Voice
  • 07-14-2009 The Medium Steps Behind the Medium appeared in New York Times
  • 07-10-2009 Childs' grand 'Dance' gets makeover at SummerScape appeared in Poughkeepsie Journal

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