[The Object Lesson] Photo: Jeremy Abrahams
Photo: Jeremy Abrahams

The Object Lesson

Created and Performed by Geoff Sobelle
Directed by David Neumann
Scenic Installation Design by Steven Dufala

Limited Availability
Please call the box office for tickets: (845) 758-7900

Winner of the 2015 Outstanding Visual Design Bessie Award:
“For creating an immersive environment built from the material debris of an individual life. For sparking curiosity in the audience about the need, meaning, and weight of their own lives’ objects.”

“Perfect, gleeful enjoyment … you won’t be prepared for how beautiful it is.”Time Out New York

“A hugely enjoyable, highly intelligent, ultra-connected meditation on our attachment to the past – old things and emotions, maybe even friendships, that we don’t actually need. Four Stars.”The Guardian

Theater artist Geoff Sobelle (last seen at the Fisher Center in rainpan 43’s Elephant Room, and as the director of The Kitchen) fills the LUMA Theater with seemingly countless boxes and bins labeled and arranged just so. This holiday shopping season, explore the jumble and immerse yourself in a performance that unpacks our relationship to everyday objects: breaking, buying, finding, fixing, trading, selling, stealing, storing, and becoming buried under a world of things. Hilarious and heartbreaking, The Object Lesson is a funny, sweet, and meticulously crafted examination of our relationship to the many objects we encounter during the course of our lives.

Listen to Geoff Sobelle talk about the production with Arun Rath, of NPR's "Morning Edition"

This holiday presentation of The Object Lesson is made possible by Stefano Ferrari and Lilo Zinglersen.
Suitable for ages 8 and above