[¡Baile! Soñando con La Voz]

¡Baile! Soñando con La Voz

The hot Latin sounds of Soñando have earned them a reputation as the Hudson Valley's premier Latin band. This spicy blend of music and musicians has performed in clubs, at private functions, community festivals, benefit concerts, on radio and television, as well as at the Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City, but the band is at home wherever a dance floor can be cleared. Fueled by a fiery rhythm section and high-octane horns, Soñando plays a wide variety of Latin styles from plena and son to salsa and merengue.

"The name of the band is Spanish for "dreaming" but when the hordes come out for Soñando, they don't sleepwalk-they dance. And we're not talking a few perfunctory head-bobs or butt-wiggles, they dance until they go up in flames like, Tula's unquenchable bedroom in the Cuban lyrics above." —Woodstock Times

All proceeds from this ¡Baile! will benefit La Voz magazine, Bard College’s Spanish language publication covering Hispanic culture and news in the Hudson Valley.