[Matteo Lane: Streisand at the Bon Soirwith Henry Koperski] Photo courtesy of artist
Photo courtesy of artist

Matteo Lane: Streisand at the Bon Soir
with Henry Koperski

“One of those shows you see that reminds you why you live in New York, why you stay in New York, why you love New York.” —Broadway World

In 1960 Barbra Streisand was wacky, brilliant, beautiful, and had a musical sensibility that was far too advanced for someone her age. At the Bon Soir, a small nightclub in Greenwich Village, the 19-year-old performed an array of jazz classics in between humorous musings and eccentric jokes. Sixty years later singer-comedian Matteo Lane and music director Henry Koperski aim to recreate the unique essense of a young, unknown Barbra with their own flavor and stylings.