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John Cage Trust, Fisher Center, and The Bard College Conservatory of Music present

So Percussion
We Are All Going in Different Directions

John Cage Weekend

[So Percussion We Are All Going in Different Directions]

Branches—named after one of John Cage’s later works—is a new project at Bard. Curated by Conservatory faculty Sō Percussion, it is an experiment in hybrid arts. Music, theater, video, dance, visual art, and other media are explored in the spirit of openness and adventure that Sō Percussion brings to its own work, which is directly inspired by Cage’s. We Are All Going in DIfferent Directions captures that spirit in a performance with Bard musicians that includes classic Cage scores and new original works.
Branches is a multiyear partnership involving the Fisher Center, the Conservatory, and the John Cage Trust to highlight  Percussion’s integration into the artistic and academic community of Bard College.


John Cage
Credo in US (1942)
First Construction (in Metal) (1939)
Quartet for Percussion, from She Is Asleep (1943)
Six Melodies for Violin and Keyboard (1950)
18’12”, a simultaneous performance of Cage works
Inlets (Improvisation II) (1977)
0’00” (4’33” No. 2) (1962)
Cartridge Music (1960)
45’ for a Speaker (1954)
Child of Tree (1975)
Third Construction (1941)

Sō Percussion/Matmos
Needles (2010)

Cenk Ergün
Use (2009)

Jason Treuting
24 x 24 (2011)


Sō Percussion: Eric Beach, Josh Quillen, Adam Sliwinski, Jason Treuting
With guests: Joan Retallack, Erica Kiesewetter, Frank Corliss; students in the Bard Music Program: Ani Ivry-Block ’15, Nina Ryser ’15; Bard Percussion Studio: Jonathan Collazo ’18, David Degge (Percussion Fellow), Petra Elek ’16, Samuel Gohl ’19, Christopher Gunnell ’17, Benjamin Malinski ’18, Daniel Matei ’19, Meilin Wei ’19, Zihan Yi ’16

Running time for this performance is exactly 91 minutes, without intermission.

Ticket Information

Fisher Center, Sosnoff Theater

Tickets: $25
Weekend pass to both concerts: $40

This event occurred on:

Sun. September 21, 3 pm


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