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The Fisher Center develops, produces, and presents performing arts across disciplines through new productions and context-rich programs.

As a premier professional performing arts center and a hub for research and education, the Fisher Center supports artists, students, and audiences in the development and examination of artistic ideas, offering perspectives from the past and present, as well as visions of the future. The Fisher Center demonstrates Bard’s commitment to the performing arts as a cultural and educational necessity. Home is the Fisher Center for the Performing Arts, designed by Frank Gehry and located on the campus of Bard College in New York’s Hudson Valley. The Fisher Center offers outstanding programs to many communities, including the students and faculty of Bard College, and audiences in the Hudson Valley, New York City, across the country, and around the world. Building on a 164-year history as a competitive and innovative undergraduate institution, Bard is committed to enriching culture, public life, and democratic discourse by training tomorrow’s thought leaders.


• Bring leading artists to the Hudson Valley to engage with the public and the College.

• Produce and present adventurous and in-depth programs, including new, rare, and undiscovered works.

• Support the development of new work by artists at all stages of their careers.

• Provide a home for Bard student and faculty work in the performing arts.


We at the Fisher Center support, produce, and present the work of visionary, courageous, and unconventional artists—art that challenges and inspires—working to more prominently center marginalized peoples both onstage and off. The well-being of and care for our community, particularly those most vulnerable to systemic inequity, will be embraced as a central tenet of our organization.

We dedicate ourselves to pursuing an anti-racist future across our practices and programming. This is a continuous examination of our culture and processes, beginning with articulating the values we hold and why we hold them. 

We recognize that we occupy the ancestral homelands of the Munsee and Muhheaconneok people and uphold ourselves to the values expressed in Bard’s Land Acknowledgement.

We acknowledge the systemic biases deeply embedded in our work, American culture, and society at large. At present, the Fisher Center is a predominantly white institution (PWI). Our staff, leadership, and artists are primarily white. We have often centered histories and voices representative of a primarily white, European, cismale perspective.

With this in mind, the Fisher Center is currently undergoing an organization-wide evolution towards an anti-racist, anti-hatred, anti-oppressive institution. We commit to creating an inclusive, equitable, and respectful environment for all who work, study, create, and engage in and with our programs.

Read Bard’s Land Acknowledgement


Exploration & Learning

We are a center for artistic research. We support artists whose practices center inquiry, experimentation, new ideas, complexity, thorough investigation of the past, and deep thought. We support artists whose work extends what is possible in the arts. We invest in ideas and artistic journeys without always knowing what the outcome will be. We delight in the unpredictable and share that delight with our audiences, within and far beyond the Fisher Center. We use our knowledge of the artists and projects we support to provide a rich context in which students and audiences can experience them.

Transparency & Intentionality

We invite constructive feedback and are prepared to listen, respond, and change.

We strive to create a welcoming, approachable, and hospitable community for all who participate in our mission. The integrity of our work and our culture is paramount. All are welcome and have the right to examine and question our operations, history, and future goals.

Community & Contribution

We work for and amongst many communities, including the students, faculty, and staff of Bard College, audiences and artists in our region and well beyond, as well as people traditionally excluded from the performing arts.

We are mindful and intentional about our relationship with each of these communities. Our relationship serves to; contribute value and meaning wherever we can; be conscientious colleagues and partners; and create an environment where conversation, insight, and introspection are exchanged.

Community Commitment

We strive to uphold the values expressed in our Community Commitment and ask audience members, visitors, and guests of the Fisher Center to nurture these values as well. Before visiting, please read our guidelines.

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Professional Memberships

The Fisher Center at Bard is a Professional Company Member of Opera America.