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Improv Cubed: From Bach to the Great American Songbook

[Improv Cubed: From Bach to the Great American Songbook] André Mehmari, photo: Gal Oppido.
André Mehmari, photo: Gal Oppido.
World Premiere

Experience the secret past of improvisation from Bach to the Great American Songbook as classical pianist Tanya Gabrielian and jazz pianist Chris Pattishall join virtuoso André Mehmari on double piano in a musical journey spanning 300 years and layered with masterful improvisations.

History’s best composers were expected to churn out improvisational masterpieces with regularity, so why are our associations with improvisation so deeply tied to jazz, yet so little to the classic musical past? In this special concert, three pianists recreate the rich and hidden history of improvisation with variations on works by Bach, Scarlatti, Schubert, and music from ragtime, Brazilian choro, and the Great American Songbook.

Copresented by Catskill Jazz Factory.

Jazz at the Fisher Center is made possible by 23Arts Initiative.
Hear Tanya Gabrielian perform live in the studios of Montana Public Radio.

Watch Chris Pattishall play "We'll Be Together Again" at Cornelia Street Café.

Listen to André Mehmari play his version of Brazilian jazz classic "Berimbau."

Ticket Information

Fisher Center, LUMA Theater

Tickets: $30.

This event occurred on:

Sat. March 19, 8 pm


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