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Choreographed and performed by Bard students, assisted by professional lighting and costume designers, this concert gives students a chance to explore new territory in dance making. Some dances are presented in partial fulfillment for acceptance into the Dance Program.

Choreography by:
Itzel Herrera Garcia *
Bobby King *
Antonia Salathé *
Rose Xu 徐子瑜

* Submitting work in fulfillment for moderation into Dance.


Concert Coordinator Peggy Florin
Lighting Designer Josh Foreman
Costume Designer Moe Schell
Stage Manager Sarah Jick

• • •
Trust the process
Choreographer and Performer Itzel Herrera Garcia
      “Ribs” – Lorde
      “Genesis” – Grimes
Sound Designer / Remixes Dean Sharp
Choreographer, Music Designer, and Performer Rose Xu (徐子瑜)
Music and Sound
      “SLEEPWALK” – hitorie(ヒトリエ)
      “譯夢機” – Wu Tsing-Fong (吳青峰)
      voice from Prof. Hal Haggard’s Physics 222 lecture
      voice collected from streets in Beijing
      sounds collected in Rose’s dorm at Bard
      voice of Siri

April Weather

Choreographer and Performer Antonia Salathé
Music “Mr. Tambourine Man” – Bob Dylan
Sound Designer / Remixes Dean Sharp

Oh, I have to go
Choreographer and Performer Bobby King
Music “Grown Ocean” – Fleet Foxes
Viewing information
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