[Music From China: East Meets West] Guzheng by Erwin Soo
Guzheng by Erwin Soo

Music From China: East Meets West

Contemporary Works for Chinese and Western Instruments

A concert celebrating the groundbreaking partnership between the US-China Music Institute of the Bard College Conservatory of Music and the Central Conservatory of Music (Beijing), featuring The Orchestra Now, conducted by Jindong Cai, and a guest appearance by the Central Conservatory Chamber Orchestra, led by Bing Chen.

The program includes works by Chen Xinruo, Tang Jianping, Guo Wenjing, Chen Danbu, Zhou Yanjia, and  Liu Wenjin, and features soloists Yu Hongmei (Erhu), Zhou Wang (Guzheng) and Zhang Qiang (Pipa). 

Institute director Jindong Cai commented, “More than 400 years ago, the Italian Jesuit Matteo Ricci presented a Ming Dynasty emperor with a Western musical instrument, planting the seeds of Western music in China. Now we at Bard hope to make a similar contribution, deepening the development of Chinese music in the West. I am sure it will not take four centuries!"