[The Future is Present] Image Courtesy of the Artists
Image Courtesy of the Artists

The Future is Present

“We projected ourselves into a future in which we are loved absolutely and we rehearsed our lives there.”

The Future Is Present is a process and a practice, it’s a model for building community in a very small and incredibly powerful way. Led by artists Charlotte Brathwaite, Justin Hicks, Janani Balasubramanian, Sunder Ganglani, June Cross, and Alyssa Simmons, the project built a small community of Black and Indigenous young people and small community of young artists from Bard College* to spend seven weeks cultivating intimacy and discourse. 

The youth cohort created demands on our collective future.
The Bard community members listened, deeply.

Now, a process of amplifying those demands is underway. The artists at Bard have made a film for the youth cohort and will be releasing it next month on this page. Stay tuned.

This is an invitation to you to participate, somehow, on terms that make sense in your community. We would love to talk about what that might mean for you. Reach out to coordinator@thefutureispresent.xyz.

* Adrian Costa, Megan Lacy, Cam Orr, Anya Petkovich, Taty Rozetta, Hakima SmithStone, Dani Wilder, and Mengchen Zhang

To read a transcript of the video, click here.