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Stravinsky and His World

Edited by Tamara Levitz

Stravinsky and His World brings together an international roster of scholars to explore fresh perspectives on the life and music of Igor Stravinsky. Situating Stravinsky in new intellectual and musical contexts, the essays in this volume shed valuable light on one of the most important composers of the twentieth century.

Contributors examine Stravinsky’s interaction with Spanish and Latin American modernism, rethink the stylistic label “neoclassicism” with a section on the ideological conflict over his lesser-known opera buffa Mavra, and reassess his connections to his homeland, paying special attention to Stravinsky’s visit to the Soviet Union in 1962. The essays also explore Stravinsky’s musical and religious differences with Arthur Lourié, delve into Stravinsky’s collaboration with Pyotr Suvchinsky and Roland-Manuel in the genesis of his groundbreaking Poetics of Music, and look at how the movement within stasis evident in the scores of Stravinsky’s Orpheus and Oedipus Rex reflected the composer’s fierce belief in fate. Rare documents—including Spanish and Mexican interviews, Russian letters, articles by Arthur Lourié, and rarely seen French and Russian texts—supplement the volume, bringing to life Stravinsky’s rich intellectual milieu and intense personal relationships.

The contributors are Tatiana Baranova, Leon Botstein, Jonathan Cross, Valérie Dufour, Gretchen Horlacher, Tamara Levitz, Klára Móricz, Leonora Saavedra, and Svetlana Savenko.


“Framed by Jonathan Cross’s stylish response to the theme ‘Stravinsky in exile’, and Leon Botstein’s thoughts on the rewards of considering the composer alongside fellow Russian exile Vladimir Nabokov, the book seeks new angles on Stravinsky and Russia in the years after 1912, and on the role of Russians . . . during Stravinsky’s time in France. . . . [L]evitz herself can be unsparing in drawing a detailed, warts-and-all portrait of the great composer.”—Arnold Whittall, Musical Times

“Tamara Levitz’s Stravinsky and his World contains some of the most unexpected and engaging discoveries of the crop of books that appeared to mark the centenary of The Rite of Spring.”—Philip Ross Bullock, Slavonic and East European Review

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