[Jennifer Monson/iLAND Live Dancing Archive]

Jennifer Monson/iLAND
Live Dancing Archive

The House Is Open

Jennifer Monson’s newest work is a visceral exploration of the dancing body as a physical archive of experience and place. Compiled from more than a decade of dance-based environmental research, Live Dancing Archive draws from video documentation of Monson’s past performances in addition to improvised scores.

Choreography Jennifer Monson
Performance Jennifer Monson, Niall Jones, Tatyana Tenenbaum
Music Composition Jeff Kolar
Lighting and Stage Design Joe Levasseur, Valerie Oliveiro
Costume Design Susan Becker
Video Installation Robin Vachal
Digital Archive YoungJae Josephine Bae
Production Manager Davison Scandrett 

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Live Dancing Archive Acknowledgements and Special Thanks

This piece is truly a collaboration and it has been a great pleasure to work with this brilliant team of artists. Robin Vachal’s experience of documenting the Osprey Migration (2002) as well as my other recent work is central to this project. Joe Levasseur worked with me on my last theatrical piece Flight of Mind (2005), and Jeff Kolar created two compositions for me over the last three years. Susan Becker’s conceptual rigor has had a profound impact on the piece. Betsy Brandt’s sensitive feedback shaped the project with gentle and courageous guidance. Davison Scandrett’s artistic input has profoundly impacted the production and he’s been a masterful production manager. Niall Jones, Tatyana Tenenbaum, and Val Oliveira, along with the other collaborators, have helped me to think more deeply about the wonderful possibilities of an infinite archive and we have together worked at creating novel ecosystems together. The creation of the digital archive has been a labor of love and patience by the brilliant Youngjae Josephine Bae. 

This kind of work doesn’t get made without all kinds of support. I am grateful to The Kitchen for commissioning the work, especially to Sarah Michelson for curating it. A big thanks to Carla Peterson for encouraging me to take the risk to move into this new iteration of the piece with three new collaborators. Thanks to Gideon Lester, Caleb Hammons, and Bob Bursey for curating us in this wonderful series of performances with such great artistic company. —Jennifer Monson