[Mwenso & the ShakesLove Will Be the Only Weapon] Michael Mwenso by Oluwaseye Olusa
Michael Mwenso by Oluwaseye Olusa

Mwenso & the Shakes
Love Will Be the Only Weapon

An explosion of ideas, sounds, and radiant joy awaits as Michael Mwenso and his band bring their empowering quest to unify with love and healing to the Stage at Montgomery Place. Come along on their journey through the kaleidoscope of Black ancestral diasporic music and traditions, overcoming the darkness of the past and ascending to our highest human potential. 

The uplifting spirit of Black roots music ripples through two weekends this July, with Black Roots Summer, presented in association with Electric Root and curated by jazz vocalist Michael Mwenso and producer Jono Gasparro.
Conceived as a platform to create a creative healing space for a troupe of predominantly BIPOC artists to develop a series of new concerts in collaboration and fellowship with one another, Black Roots Summer will convene a group of over 20 vocalists, musicians, dancers, and creative artists for a two-week residency resulting in three original concerts.

At 6 pm, Black Roots Summer co-director Kamilah Long will introduce the audience to various artists from the company, prompting discussions on the creative process, the future of Black music, and more.

Other programs in this series:

SummerScape Specials for Members
Members are invited to join us for a dedicated "Member's Hour" 60-minutes before all Montgomery Place performances. Arrive early, enjoy a picnic, and secure premium seating!

And that’s not all. This summer, virtual programming is free for members. Membership begins at $75. Please join us!