[Mad Forest] Photo by Studio Incendo
Photo by Studio Incendo

Mad Forest

A Play from Romania 
By Caryl Churchill
Directed by Ashley Tata

Romania. December 25th, 1989. 

A dictator is executed. A totalitarian regime topples. What happens next?

Caryl Churchill’s 1990 play, Mad Forest, created with the help of drama students interviewing citizens in Bucharest in the months after the overthrow of Nicolae Ceaușescu, depicts life in a repressive dictatorship, during a bloody uprising, and in days and weeks after freedom is declared, through snap-shot exposures of moments, descriptions and silences. Less a documentary-play and more a sly, funny, brutal, and surrealist landscape, this 30-year old work approached from a 2020 point of view powerfully resonates with our global state of innumerable protests and the potential descent into totalitarianism. It’s like a study-guide (or warning) for Revolution, with an archangel, a dog and a vampire.