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Compagnie Fêtes galantes

Let My Joy Remain (Que ma joie demeure)

Founded in 1993 by Béatrice Massin, Compagnie Fêtes galantes elaborates on the many aspects of Baroque dance, wedding them to contemporary choreography. By avoiding any attempt at reconstitution, Fêtes galantes brings forward, in our time, a kind of Baroque dancing that engages and appeals to a contemporary sensibility.

Béatrice Massin was drawn to Baroque dance by the music of the period, which she describes as being full of “movement, energy, and vitality.” Accordingly, Let My Joy Remain, the work that she and her dancers present on this program, is built from phrases that come together in canons and fugues, subjects and counter-subjects, and danced to the music of J. S. Bach.

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