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We recognize and thank the late Richard B. Fisher as well as the following individuals, corporations, and foundations for their generosity toward the Fisher Center and Bard Music Festival.

Thank you for your leadership and partnership in creating extraordinary performing arts experiences that challenge and inspire.

Special thanks to those who are supporting our programs with their commitments to the Bard College Endowment Challenge. Thank you for ensuring Bard’s continuity as a beacon for higher education, bolstering the development of innovative programs that offer access to rigorous, high-quality education for new populations around the world.

Donors to the Bard College Endowment Challenge for the Fisher Center and Bard Music Festival

Jamie Albright and Stephen Hart
Bettina Baruch Foundation
Michelle R. Clayman
Robert C. Edmonds ’68
Jeanne Donovan Fisher
Neil Gaiman
Helena and Christopher Gibbs
Susan and Roger Kennedy
Dr. Barbara Kenner
Edna and Gary Lachmund
Alfred and Glenda Law
Gideon Lester
Anthony Napoli
David and Susan Rockefeller
Denise S. Simon and Paulo Vieiradacunha
Martin and Toni Sosnoff
Felicitas S. Thorne
Irene Zedlacher

Donors to the Fisher Center

Leadership Support
Arthur F. and Alice E. Adams Charitable Foundation
Brooklyn Community Foundation
Carolyn Marks Blackwood and Gregory H. Quinn
Jeanne Donovan Fisher
Alan H. and Judith Fishman
S. Asher Gelman ’06 and Mati Bardosh Gelman
March Forth Foundation
The Milikowsky Family Foundation
Millbrook Tribute Garden
Nancy and Edwin Marks Family Foundation
Anthony Napoli
National Endowment for the Arts
O’Donnell-Green Music and Dance Foundation
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Denise S. Simon and Paulo Vieiradacunha
Martin and Toni Sosnoff
Felicitas S. Thorne
Andrew E. Zobler
Golden Circle
The Educational Foundation of America
Amy and Ronald Guttman
Barbara and Sven Huseby
Mary Byrne and Glenn Mai
Shao Mai
Daniel and Bonnie Shapiro
Jamie Albright and Stephen Hart
Annie and Jim Bodnar
Gary DiMauro, Four Seasons Sotheby’s International Realty
Catherine C. Fisher
Jana Foundation
Donald and Gay Kimelman
Lizbeth and George Krupp
Marika Lindholm and Ray Nimrod
Lucille Lortel Foundation
Virginia and Timothy Millhiser
Martha Patricof
Alan Seget
John Geller and Alan Skog
Thomas and Bryanne Hamill
Paul and Lynn Knight
Ruth E. Migliorelli
Thendara Foundation
Mark Epstein and Arlene Shechet
James Gillson
Eileen Guilfoyle and David Moody
Frederic Harwood and Nedda Dimontezemolo
Arnold Iovinella Jr. and William Bozzetto
Beth Jones and Susan Simon
Raymond Learsy
Prof. Nancy S. Leonard and Dr. Lawrence Kramer
Gideon Lester and Tom Sellar
Liza Parker and Frank Migliorelli
Alex Payne and Nicole Brodeur
Ted Ruthizer and Jane Denkensohn
Myrna B. Sameth
David Schulz
Gail Shneyer and Abraham Nussbaum, MD
Elizabeth Weatherford

Donors to the Bard Music Festival

Leadership Support
Bettina Baruch Foundation
Robert C. Edmonds ’68
Jane W. Nuhn Charitable Trust
Dr. Barbara Kenner
Felicitas S. Thorne
Millie and Robert Wise

Golden Circle
Helen and Roger Alcaly
Jeanne Donovan Fisher

Kathleen Vuillet Augustine
Michelle R. Clayman
Dr. Sanford Friedman and Virginia Howsam
Rachel and Dr. Shalom Kalnicki
Susan and Roger Kennedy
Edna and Gary Lachmund
Amy and Thomas O. Maggs
New York State Council on the Arts
Drs. M. Susan and Irwin Richman
Denise S. Simon and Paulo Vieiradacunha
Anthony and Margo Viscusi
Richard and Dee Wilson

Amy K. and David Dubin
John Geller and Alan Skog
Lazard Asset Management
Sarah Solomon
Stewart’s/Dake Family
Thendara Foundation

Lydia Chapin and David Soeiro
Curtis DeVito and Dennis Wedlick
Estate of Clyde Talmadge Gatlin
Helena and Christopher Gibbs
Carlos Gonzalez and Katherine Stewart
Elena and Fred Howard
George and Barbara Kafka
Alison L. Lankenau
Evelyn and Don McLean
Martin L. and Lucy Miller Murray
Karl Moschner and Hannelore Wilfert
Samuel and Ellen Phelan
Jacqueline Royce
Janet and Michael Sirotta
Thomas and Diane Stanley
Edwin Steinberg and Judy Halpern
Olivia van Melle Kamp
Irene Zedlacher
William C. Zifchak, Esq.

List current as of September 29, 2022

Donors to THE 2022 Gala

Platinum Table Hosts
Jeanne Donovan Fisher*
Rebecca Gold Milikowsky*
Gold Table Hosts
Carolyn Marks Blackwood and Gregory H. Quinn*
Toni and Martin Sosnoff*
Silver Table Hosts
Illiana van Meeteren and Terence C. Boylan ‘70*
Denise S. Simon and Paulo Vieiradacunha*
Felicitas S. Thorne*
Bronze Table Hosts
S. Asher Gelman ’06 and Mati Bardosh Gelman
Anthony Napoli*
Josh Pultz
Bill and Donna Barrett
Vern Bergelin and Mary Ellen Ross*
Eileen Bernstein ‘82
Helen Bodian and Roger Alcaly*
Susan Bodine ‘72
Mx. Justin Vivian Bond
Anika Chapin*
Zoë Chapin*
Michelle Clayman*
Christian Ayne Crouch
Heather Croner, R.E. Sotheby’s
International Realty*
Noah Coleman ‘92
James Davis
David and Amy Dubin
Andy Einhorn
Batmyagmar Erdenebat TON MM ‘21
Feinstein’s/54 Below*
Iryna Ferenets
Judith R. and Alan H. Fishman*
The Frederick Loewe Foundation
Diana Hirsch Friedman ‘68
Sandy and Ginny Friedman*
John Geller and Alan Skog*
Mark R. Gordon*
Jordan Gunn ‘23
Arnold Iovinella and William Bozzetto
Susan Karayannides*
Barbara Kenner*
Frank and Sandra Kiepura
Danielle Korwin and Anthony DiGuiseppe
Eric Kuhn*
Gary and Edna Lachmund
David Lang and Suzanne Bocanegra
Alison Lankenau*
Nancy Leonard and Lawrence Kramer*
Cynthia Hirsch Levy ‘65
Vivien Liu*
Ann Lozman/H&L Foundation, in honor of
Robert C. Edmonds ‘68
Merritt Lutz
Liza Parker and Frank Migliorelli
Barbara Manocherian*
Brice and Helen Marden
Stephen Mazoh and Martin Kline*
Joanna Migdal
Alan Miles
Virginia and Timothy Millhiser
Craig Chesley and Eileen Naughton
James and Andrea Nelkin
Gigi Noves and Helen Degener
James and Mary Ottaway
Martha and Mark Patricof*
Michael L. Privitera*
Leonardo Pineda ‘15, TON MM ‘19
Christian Räth
Frank Rich
Richard Rizzo and Enid Ain Rizzo
Melina Roise ‘21
Myrna Sameth*
David Sinclair and Howard Sendrovitz
Vuyo Sotashe
Patricia Spector
Katrin Spiess
Edwin Steinberg and Judy Halpern
Pam Tanowitz
Ashley Tata
The Orchestra Now
Patrick Vaill ‘07
Anthony and Margo Viscusi*
Alison and James Von Klemperer
Ingrid von Werz and Brandt Junceau ‘81
Wynona Wang
Rosemary and Noel Werrett
Andrew E. Zobler*
*Denotes Member of the Gala Host Committee
List as of July 1, 2022

Corporate Sponsors

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