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Fisher Center Staff

Bob Bursey, Executive Director
Jeannie Schneider, Business Manager
Michael Hofmann VAP '15, Executive Assistant

Debra Pemstein, Vice President for Development and Alumni/ae Affairs
Kieley Michasiow-Levy, Individual Giving Manager
Franchesca Chorengel '18, Development Assistant

Gideon Lester, Artistic Director, Theater and Dance
Caleb Hammons, Senior Producer
Nunally Kersh, SummerScape Opera Producer
Jesse Heffler, Assistant Producer

Theater & Performance and Dance Programs
Jennifer Lown, Program Administrator

Vincent Roca, Production Manager
Sarah Jick, Associate Production Manager
Stephen Dean, Production Coordinator, Concerts and Lectures
Rick Reiser, Technical Director
Josh Foreman, Lighting Supervisor
Moe Schell, Costume Shop Supervisor
Seth Chrisman, Audio/Video Supervisor

Mark Primoff, Associate Vice President of Communications
Eleanor Davis, Director of Public Relations
Darren O’Sullivan, Senior Public Relations Associate
Brittany Brouker, Marketing Associate

Mary Smith, Director of Publications
Diane Rosasco, Production Manager
Cynthia Werthamer, Editorial Director
Ann Forbes Cooper, Editor
James Rodewald '82, Editor
Karen Spencer, Designer

Audience and Member Services
David Steffen, Director of Audience and Member Services
Nicholas Reilingh, Database and Systems Manager
Maia Kaufman, Audience and Member Services Manager
Triston Tolentino ’18, Audience and Member Services Assistant
Claire Thiemann ’11, Senior House Manager
Jesika Berry, House Manager
Joao De La Cruz ’20, Assistant House Manager
Cemre Erim ’20, Assistant House Manager
Rebecca Rivera, Assistant House Manager
Hazaiah Tompkins ’18, Assistant House Manager

Mark Crittenden, Facilities Manager
Ray Stegner, Building Operations Manager
Doug Pitcher, Building Operations Coordinator
Chris Lyons, Building Operations Assistant 
Robyn Charter, Fire Panel Monitor
Bill Cavanaugh, Environmental Specialist
Sarah Dunne, Environmental Specialist

Bard Music Festival

Artistic Directors
Leon Botstein
Christopher H. Gibbs

Executive Director
Irene Zedlacher

Associate Director
Raissa St. Pierre

Scholar in Residence 2018
Marina Frolova-Walker

Program Committee 2018
Byron Adams
Leon Botstein
Christopher H. Gibbs
Marina Frolova-Walker
Richard Wilson
Irene Zedlacher

Director of Choruses
James Bagwell

Vocal Casting
Susana Meyer

Producer, Staged Concerts
Nunally Kersh